Frankfurt, Germany, November 2020

Maria Montessori 150 Congress in 2020

Frankfurt, 6- 8 November 2020

The Deutsche Montessori Gesellschaft, affiliated to AMI, is pleased to announce some excellent speakers for their Maria Montessori 150 Congress in 2020.

The opening lecture on Friday afternoon will feature the President of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Mr Philip O’Brien (English spoken). This will be followed by a presentation (in German) by Professor Harald Ludwig, former head of the Montessori Centre attached to the University of Münster. Professor Ludwig will speak on the German academic series project which at regular intervals adds new volumes to Maria Montessori’s “Collected Works”, which includes supplemental readings previously unpublished. 

On Saturday, Mr Mario Valle will be the first speaker. Mr Valle, a Montessori parent, conducts full-time research at the CERN Institute in Switzerland and is also a “fierce” advocate of Montessori education. He will speak on Montessori and the new media. His presentation is followed by a talk by international memory trainer Mr Gregor Staub, who will share his insights into his concept learning how to learn.

Carolina Montessori, Amsterdam, will speak on her work on Saturday evening (English spoken, with German translation). Carolina is a great-granddaughter of Maria Montessori and has been the main archivist at the Maria Montessori Archives (AMI, Amsterdam) for more than 10 years. Her work has included the publication of a number of books, some of which are available in German thanks to a DMG initiative: e.g. “Maria Montessori Sails to America: A Private Diary from 1913” and “Maria Montessori Speaks to Parents”.

Sunday morning will start with a lecture on Montessori Music by Deborah Sulovsky.

The closing lecture will be given by AMI trainer and expert in Montessori’s 0-3 plane of development Patricia Wallner, Amsterdam together with her colleague, AMI trainer and expert on the Montessori adolescent Jenny Marie Höglund from Sweden. The developmental needs of very young children and those of adolescents have many things in common and so this lecture should be a very special highlight.

On Saturday afternoon, the congress participants will have the opportunity to choose from a series of workshops.