Rome vista

M150 International Study Tour

Don’t miss this ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity as we celebrate the birth and legacy of one of the world’s greatest women and her amazing achievements.

Tour dates (tentative) 27 August - 18 September 2020

Tour highlights include:

  • Chiaravalle, exploring the landscape of Dr Montessori’s childhood.  Participating in the 150th birthday celebrations.
  • Rome, walking the streets of Dr Montessori’s life, visiting the first Casa dei Bambini and the Opera Nazionale Montessori.
  • Citta di Castella, learning about Villa Montesca and textile museum. 
  • Gonzaga, marvelling at the historic Montessori museum and office of Gonzagarredi.
  • Bergamo training centre and the Casa dei Bambini and model schools in Milan.
  • Amsterdam, visiting Nienhuis, AMI Head Office and study of Dr Montessori, Laren, Montessori’s grave and Montessori schools.

MONTESSORI TOURS AND TRAVEL… your window to the world of Montessori

Director and Tour Planner, Roelie Hartwig, a Montessori parent, Montessori International Relationship Developer, and former Montessori Guide, now shares her passion for all things Montessori through her unique study and experiential tours.

To register your interest for either the M150 Birthday Weekend or M150 International Study Tour,  contact Roelie at [email protected]