Rome vista

Rome, Italy, October 2020

All Montessori Roads Lead to Rome

Montessori Express Bus

19 – 26 October 2020

Montessori Europe, in conjunction with Montessori Express 2020, has created an opportunity to participate in the special celebration of the 150th birthday of Maria Montessori, with the International Montessori Congress hosted by Dr. Montessori's founding organisation, the Association Montessori Internationale and Opera Montessori Nazionale (ONM), in Rome.  

The Montessori Express Bus will take you from Amsterdam to Rome and back, spending 5 nights in Rome. This is an Environmentally Sensitive Trip, so you can 'hop on'/ 'off' the Montessori Express at the airports of Amsterdam, Ede-Wageningen NS, Frankfurt and Munich. The cost of bus and accommodation is €925 for double occupancy, €975 for single.

The trip will give you a chance to join other Montessorians, gathering together from across the world, to touch the historical context of Montessori and be refreshed by new research and findings on the child. The Congress Also offers opportunities to visit important Montessori landmarks and see a curated exhibit of Montessori's original materials. 

Registration is available until 27 March 2020 and spaces are limited.