Seattle skyline

Seattle, United States, February 2020

AMI/USA Refresher 2020

The Montessori Experience: Refresher Course & Workshops in Seattle, Washington.

Entitled "Montessori and the Power of Nature", the event served to re-awaken and re-connect delegates to the importance and the beauty of the nature which surrounds us. It is critical, maybe now more than ever, that we show appreciation, gratefulness and protectiveness of this most precious gift.

In the Closing session, David M. Buerge, a biographer and historian, explored the complex figure Chief Seattle, to uncover how one man's story still shapes the identity of the city. Chief Seattle's vision was ambitious: a prosperous, multiracial city. 

Orlando, Florida was announced as the location for The Montessori Experience 2021 and Lynne Lawrence led the group in My Hand in Your Hand in celebration of Montessori 150.