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Pre-Order the Montessori Tulip Book

11 March 2020

We are excited to announce an exquisite boutique publication on the occasion of the launch of the Maria Montessori tulip: a small colourful book with spectacular photo's and a host of details on the tulip, its history, the way it is bred and tips on how to plant the bulb.
Three lovely sections with practical life activities have been added to the book, either for your own enjoyment or to engage with the school's children. You will find paper folding activities, how to create  tulips as finger food delicacies and an intriguing "miscellaneous" section.
This will be a must-have title!

Email your pre-order request, specifying the number of copies and your postal address to [email protected].
The price of the publication is Euro 17,50 per copy (excluding shipping costs).


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