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Chiaravalle Celebrations

1 September 2020

Chiaravalle lights up the evening in celebration!

The first photo is a monument situated on the piazza Mazzini, where Maria Montessori was born. It will be lit in a different colour each night: red on 30 August, orange on 31 August, yellow on 1 September, green on 2 September, blue on 3 September, indigo on 4 September, purple on 5 September and white (sum of all colors) on 6 September. The meaning of this polychromic approach is explained by the rainbow as a symbol of peace, of which Maria Montessori was an advocate and ambassador.

The second photo shows a photograph of Maria Montessori on her last visit to Chiaravalle, projected onto the Casa Natale.  It is a very nice group photograph that includes the mayor of Chiaravalle at the time.

We would like to thank Francesco Favi, the councillor of Chiaravalle, for taking these beautiful photos. 

Casa Natale Chiaravalle