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Montessori 150 News

13 October 2020
AMI were delighted to receive a lovely letter and drawings from Noriko Shimizu, the directress and the founder of Sequoia Montessori Children's House and its children. The students celebrated M150 and were amazed to...

1 October 2020
We are excited to announce an exquisite boutique publication on the occasion of the launch of the Maria Montessori tulip: a small colourful book with spectacular photo's and a host of details on the tulip, its history...

1 October 2020
Montessori Australia's recent eBulletin publication shared the 150 Birthday Celebrations from Montessori schools and centres around their country. Enjoy this pictorial spread of photos.

7 September 2020
To celebrate Maria Montessori's 150th birthday and to express their honour and deep respect to her work, on 31st August 2020 the children from Montessori School of Varna, Bulgaria (ages 6-11) participated in an art class...