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Play: 150 for Montessori


Play: 150 for Montessori

Raise money for your local Montessori school or to support an Educateurs sans Frontières project by playing 150 for Montessori. Choose whatever you want to do 150 of and share your ideas with us using #Montessori150.

There's no limit to what you can do....

  • Young children can walk 150 Steps for Montessori
  • Adolescents can cycle 150 km  for Montessori over a month
  • Kick 150 football goals
  • Skip 150 times
  • Run, dance, walk for 150 minutes
  • Read 150 books
  • Write 150 poems
  • Cook 150 cup cakes

To find out more about Educateurs sans Frontières projects you can donate to, visit

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Play 150 for Montessori