Children holding hands and singing

Sing: My Hand in Your Hand

Sing: My Hand in Your Hand

To celebrate the power of children to transform the world, we invite Montessori children around the world to sing, play, record and share a song.  

We have chosen the song My Hand in Your Hand from Passing Clouds - Mindfulness Songs for Kids (and their Grown-ups) by Kate Oliver.

Kate Oliver is a musician, meditation teacher and trained actor.  She is mum to three kids, two teenagers and one ten-year-old. 

Her songs are beautifully simple, and are meditations in themselves, covering themes from thoughts, the breath, and loving kindness, to gratitude, stopping, and big messy emotions. They are adored by kids and adults alike. 

Please send us video clips of your recordings throughout 2020.  You are welcome to be as creative as possible with any vocal, instrumental, dance or artistic expression of the song that captures your imagination or reflects the spirit of your community.  We also look forward to having the song performed in as many languages as possible. The clips will be posted on this website enabling Montessori voices across the globe to join and create beautiful harmonies. Please use our webform and ensure you have permission for the video to be shared on the Montessori 150 website and AMI's YouTube channel.  Feel free to submit alternate language translations to us. 

My Hand in Your Hand 

My hand in your hand 
Come stand next to me 
My land is your land 
It’s plain to see: 

We could together all around the world 
Join friends forever, every boy every girl 
It could be so easy and I don't understand 
Why we don't just hold onto each other’s hands! 

Come on let’s try it - let's hold onto each other's hands!

Download the Sheet Music for the Song