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Sing: My Hand in Your Hand - A Montessori Connection

28 October 2019

Kate Oliver, a musician, meditation teacher and trained actor, is the creator of the album “Passing Clouds – Mindfulness Songs for Kids (and their Grown-ups)”.  Her song, “My Hand in Your Hand” has been selected as one of the songs for the Montessori 150 celebrations.  

Kate's song was chosen after Lynne Lawrence, AMI Executive Director, put out the word that we were searching for songs for the celebrations – particularly songs that lifted the hearts of children and adults.  The Board Chair of the Maria Montessori Institute knew of Kate’s work via his wife.  AMI then approached Kate for her permission to use the song.

In a wonderful coincidence, when we approached Kate to let her know about the initiative, she told us that her two eldest children attended a Montessori school in Melbourne, Australia, and that the song was written when one of them was 5 years old and in Montessori at the time.  She shared that "I am touched and delighted that you have chosen My Hand in Your Hand for the celebrations next year. It has long been a fantasy of mine that this song would be learned and sung by kids all round the globe, and for this to happen through AMI simply makes it all the sweeter.” 

We invite Montessori children around the world to sing, play, record and share this song.  Click here to find out more.

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