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The Spirit Machine: AI Artwork

7 May 2021

In the lead up to Radboud University's upcoming opening of their specially designed Maria Montessori Building, one of the university's alumnus has created a stunning artwork which will be featured there. Jeroen van der Most, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) artist, has created "The Spirit Machine", an AI artwork which revolves around the academic work of Maria Montessori. Created in collaboration with Gabrielle Ras, PhD candidate at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, the AI writes a continuous stream of new texts, inspired by the work of Montessori. The AI reflects like a philosopher on research news from the university as if Montessori might have written the texts herself. Never has anyone used Montessori’s oeuvre and AI to create art. Jeroen van der Most's artwork shows how AI can give someone from a distant past a place in our current time. Montessori was a crucial inspirator for contemporary education and has a new voice through AI. For at least a year, the installation will share inspiring new lines of texts with students and researchers at the university.