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Donate: Spread Montessori's Impact

Donate: Spread Montessori's Impact

The Association Montessori Internationale is calling for donations to support the Montessori 150 initiative.

Donations received will provide support to all three themes linked to the Montessori 150 celebrations:

  • Maria Montessori The Pioneer
  • Montessori Across the World
  • The Capable Child

Maria Montessori The Pioneer

As we celebrate this anniversary of her birth, we want to preserve the story of Maria Montessori—her life, her achievements and her ground-breaking work in human development—so that future generations can continue to be inspired.

The Maria Montessori House in Amsterdam, Netherlands is being renovated to build an exceptional research centre and museum. The renovations will allow for an exhibition space, research and archive centre of Maria Montessori’s published works and unpublished material, and a meeting space for discussion and knowledge sharing.

Montessori Across the World

Maria Montessori campaigned for the human rights of the child and believed in education for social reform. Through AMI's Educateurs sans Frontières (EsF) division, this work continues today, through life changing Montessori initiatives reaching children and adults across the world.

To find out more information and to support EsF initiatives, visit the website:

The Capable Child

Montessori education develops capable, confident, curious and academically strong children. AMI brings quality teacher training and research to global communities, so they can continue to provide Montessori education for more children in the future.

The Montessori 150 initiative will support AMI’s work to further best practice in Montessori education, through its websites, events and collaborations with leading educational researchers.

Make a Donation

We are calling for donations at three levels: Major Contributor, Supporter and Friend.

Donations will go to AMI to support the Maria Montessori House, EsF and to further develop Montessori 150 resources.

Donors will also receive the following benefits.


  • Logo on the front page of the Montessori 150 website
  • Dedicated page on the Montessori 150 website for the duration of 2020
  • Name on a dedicated Montessori 150 plaque in the Maria Montessori House in Amsterdam
  • Please contact [email protected] to discuss your contribution

SUPPORTER:  €1,500

  • Logo on the front page of the Montessori 150 website
  • Dedicated page on the Montessori 150 website for the duration of 2020
  • An embossed Certificate of Appreciation

FRIEND:  €150

  • Name listed on Montessori 150 website for the duration of 2020
  • Digital Certificate of Appreciation

To make a donation visit:

Other Ways to Support Montessori 150


Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss a non-financial contribution.


If you are a media organisation and would like to partner with us for an event or communication in 2020, please contact us at [email protected].