Panoramic of Bensberg, Germany

Bensberg, Germany, September 2020

Maria Montessori 150: Education for Peace

25-27 September 2020

Education for peace is one of the most important tasks of educators. In a world so marked by discord, conflicts and wars, many small steps are needed on the way to peace in children's house, school and family. According to Montessori, the avoidance of conflict is a task of politics, the building of peace is a question of education. Thus, peace education becomes a work of universal scope. How can a way of life be taught in which a life in peace is the natural consequence? In what way is the respect of the adult for the child conveyed? How can children's homes and schools make peace education a fundamental part of their work?

Lectures, discussion groups and various working groups try to give answers to these timelessly important questions. We cordially invite you to Bensberg.