On This Day: 1 March

On March 1, 1950, Maria Montessori lectured in Amsterdam’s Bach auditorium and spoke on the “early years” at the invitation of the Dutch National Montessori Association and the Association "De Amsterdamse Montessori School". The lecture was recorded by Dutch radio and Mr Wim Eijgensteijn, a Dutch amateur filmmaker, made some footage around the event. At the start of the short film we see people filing into the lecture, children waiting for the arrival of Maria Montessori by car, escorted by her grandson Mario Montessori Junior. At the end of the lecture Dr Montessori leaves the auditorium happily, greeting people. For the very observant watcher, we also see a glimpse of Mario Montessori and her granddaughter Renilde carrying flowers.

See the video here: https://youtu.be/0upKT2AINgw